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Joe Warne
Joe Warne
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Drawing Solutions was founded with the goal of providing on-demand design/drafting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses whose limited size and budget make the hiring of a full time designer impractical. We serve to provide high-quality design and drafting services and consultation on an as-needed basis.

Whether your need is one-time only, or on-going, we’re here to provide services to help support your business’s goals and requirements. We also provide ancillary services such as 2D-3D conversion, 3D modeling, top level BOM creation, assembly cleanup, etc. No project is too small – we even do single drawing changes! Drawing solutions was created with the idea that there are a lot of entrepreneurs and very small companies just getting started who have on going part-time or even sporadic needs for manufacturing drawings or changes to them. There are also small companies with budgets that cannot support their own design/drafting department such as fab shops and machine shops.

Many of these operations are making their parts or products from sketches and “Tribal Knowledge” and could greatly benefit from having a proper and maintainable drawing package so that if they needed to outsource manufacturing they could. With over 20 years of experience spanning multiple industries we can create and maintain a good quality set of Production Drawings and a proper Bill of Material. Drawing Solutions can be your own Off-Site Mechanical Design/Drafting resource to keep this package up to date!

Who We Are?
Over the years working in various industries I had the opportunity to work with Managers of companies both large and small and they all had something in common. They all had a list of documentation related tasks that they were accumulating in order to compile enough work to assign a resource and a budget to complete. Much of the reason for this lies in the fact that it is very difficult to find a resource to complete tasks of less than 100 hours. I thought I could provide an On Demand resource that could capture and complete these tasks as needed.
My experience and education are predominately in the Mechanical Design of Industrial Machinery. I worked on machines that make diapers and pants as well as ones that made feminine pads. These are some of the most complicated machines and processes in the paper converting industry because they are bring together multiple components such as paper, plastic, elastic, and adhesives all in a continuous web at speeds of 1000 ft/min. I started as an intern on a design team and progressed to the point where I was trusted in the field supervising small crews of Millwrights making sure that machines were installed correctly and then supported their startup.

In the fall of 2008, in the depths of the recession, I was the first one in my group to run out of work. I was laid off for 22 Months and when I finally found work again it was in a completely different industry. But since then, I have worked assignments of significant length in industries that make everything from Ironworking Machines to Fire Trucks. It has given me exposure to and knowledge of what I am confident is a full set of Best Practices that I am capable of and more than willing to share with customers at prices that are more than competitive.
  • 1 yr Intern on Diaper Machine team while in school
  • 11 yrs Machine Design in Paper converting Industry
Diaper/Pants Machines and Packaging Lines, Feminine Pad Machines and Packaging Lines, Ziploc Bag Machines, Flexographic printing machines, Facial Tissue Making Machines This period gave me experience in the design and fabrication by welding machining and even rapid prototyping. I work with all types of metals and plastic and have experience with all the use of coatings and finishes.

  • 2 yrs Reverse Engineering and redesigning ironworkers
This period allowed me to gain the experience of not only pulling a machine completely apart and accurately documenting it but also figuring out the reasons things were done the way they were in the first place. I also got the opportunity to design and build two Prototypes before my assignment ended. I also had the opportunity to support a fabrication and assembly floor doing all forms of troubleshooting of manufacturing processes and initiating changes to streamline manufacturing efforts and save cost.

  • 2 yrs Working on Fire Trucks
This period gave me a ton of custom sheet metal design experience and also time supporting four prototype builds.
A company can waste a ton of money choosing the wrong person or company to document their products or processes. Some drafters and designers have really strange ideas of how to communicate what they want the fabricators to provide. I have always prescribed to the Mantra “Keep it Simple” and this shows in the standards that we have established for what needs to be on a drawing. We know that if the guy on the manufacturing floor has to sit and scratch his head and think or calculate anything to make the part you are wasting money. Many times it just boils down to finding someone who really cares about each and every drawing that they put their name on and that is Me and the people that work with me. You can always count on our drawings to be complete and accurate.

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